Finish Line is close: William Paterson Students rejoice

Sean Gonzalez

William Paterson University will host it’s graduation ceremonies on Friday May 20, 2016 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

With less than 40 days away, the undergraduate students are trying to finish strong during the semester. Most students are at the 120 credit requirement once this semester is over. With over 2,000 students graduating this may, the Prudential Center that can accommodate over 20,000 people for events, was chosen to be the venue for this year’s commencement.

Since December when the deadline to apply for graduation, this has been on the mind of various students. The long process of various tedious tasks show us that even when the students are so close to graduating, that there is no auto-pilot in college.

WATCH: 2014 Commencement Speech




the way i’ll set up the william paterson graduation is to get a team of people to get the job done. i would have photographers getting the students walking around the campus . I would do various interviews with the students and once with the valedicotrian and the dean.  I would do a video interview with the commencement speaker and what a college education means to them. I would send a microphone at the podium at the ceremony that would be recorded so we can use them for pieces.




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